Introducing Cat Grooming!

As of 2022 our Salon has begun to offer Cat Grooming for our clients. Co-Manager Cat Shemeley is a member of the National Cat Groomers Institute of America and is working towards becoming a Certified Master Groomer. With 20+ years’ experience of handling cats from many backgrounds, including rescue and pedigree. She has handled many different cat attitudes and promises to put your cat first. Our cat grooming services offer a dog free and clean environment. If your cat has been regularly groomed before, or if this is their first time, we promise to keep them comfortable and understand their boundaries.

Regular grooming for cats is just as important as it is for dogs to keep their skin and coats healthy and shiny. It will help cut down on overall hair shed and reduce the amount of the allergy causing dander that will sit in your home. A regular grooming schedule can help cat owners address the typical skin and hair problems they will find with their cats: dandruff, greasy coat, hairballs, skin allergies, and matting.

We offer bathing, lion cuts and sanitary trims alongside nail clipping (optional nail caps) and a brush and blow out to get your feline to feel their best. Call today to schedule! 856-608-7833 or email at

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