South Jersey Dog Training

South Jersey Dog Training

Whether your dog has had no previous training, or you are looking to brush up on basic skills, our basic obedience training can help you and your dog reach your goals.

Our basic obedience dog training classes are for dogs 5 months of age and older and take place twice a week, for 1 hour, over the course of 3 weeks.

We also offer in home, private lessons, or individual lessons while your pup is at the Villa.

Over the course of 6 lessons, your dog will learn:

  • Basic Skills (sit, lie down, come when called)
  • Impulse Control (stay, look & leave it)
  • How to Walk Properly on a leash (loose leash walking)
  • How to Respond with the Distraction of Other Dogs
  • Household Manners/Problem Prevention (jumping, nipping, chewing, housetraining, etc.)

At the end of week 3, basic obedience graduates will receive a certificate of completion.

Please be sure to bring a leash (no longer than 6′), collar and small, bite size treats.

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COVID 19 CLOSUREState Mandates Temporary Closure

we were notified that the State requires us to close our doors for all services, daycare, boarding and grooming, until further Order from the Governor.

WE WILL BE BACK just as soon as the State allows us to reopen. I am very sorry the State has made this decision; and, I will be Updating everyone by email as soon as I have news from the State