Dog Daycare Pricing

At Villa La PAWS Resort & Spa our pricing is all-inclusive with no hidden surprises. That means we have staff on hand 24/7, take care of your pup’s special diets, and administer any necessary medications, at no additional costs. We believe this should be standard.

Doggie Daycare Pricing:

Completely supervised, stress-free and cage-free, indoor/outdoor socialization

Single Days

1 Full Day

1 Half Day

1 Dog



Additional Dogs




Over 6 hours per day

Up to 6 hours per day


10 Half Days

10 Full Days

20 Full Days

Total / Per Day

$240 Total / $24.00 Per Day

$330 Total/ $33.00 Per Day

$630 Total / $31.50 Per Day

Expiration Dates





*Split OK

*Split OK

*Split OK

*Split Ok: You may purchase any of these packages and split them for use with multiple dogs from the same family.